• Bĺockchain Lõgin: Start Trading Now


    Blockchain is a leading crypto exchange that comes with a user-friendly interface and advanced trading features. Blockchain is home to buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies in minutes. Here on this exchange, you can use different payment methods such as debit/credit card and bank account to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. Read on to learn how to start trading on the Blockchain exchange. The Bĺockchain Lõgin process lets you access the trading features on this exchange. But before that, you need to ensure that you are signed up on its app or website or not. Traders who are new to Blockchain are suggested to set up a new trading account by providing their name, email, password, and other details.

    Now, make sure that you have a smartphone or laptop, and then you need to approach the next sections of this post to set up your account. Users who have an Android or iOS device need to visit the App or Play Store to find and install the Blockchain app. So, with no more delay, head over to the next section.

    Creating a new account on Blockchain exchange is easy. If you are sure about the process to do so then you need to follow these steps to get your Blockchain Login account ready:

    1. Open Blockchain mobile app or https://login.blockchain.com/#/signuppage
    2. Here, you will find the sign-up form, start typing the required detail one by one
    3. Enter email, password, and country of residence, and then agree to the terms of use
    4. Now, click the ‘Continue’ button to move to the next page to verify the email
    5. Find the verification code and then enter it to verify the email
    6. Once you complete email verification, click on the ‘Create Account’ button


    Steps for Ƀĺockchain Ļõgin

    If you have the email and password details for your Blockchain account then you need to follow the steps that are given below to access your account:

    1. Open a Blockchain mobile app or visit the https://login.blockchain.com/#/login?product=exchangepage
    2. Here, you are asked to enter the email and password details
    3. Now, check the details and click the ‘Login’ button to access your account
    4. Finally, you are logged in to your Blockchain account


    How to recover a Blockchain account?

    While accessing the Blockchain account, you may face issues as well. In case you are getting an invalid password error on the Blockchain Login page, you need to follow the steps that are given below:

    1. Launch Blockchain mobile app or visit the login page
    2. Now, you need to type the email address and then click the ‘Continue’ button
    3. After that, you need to find and click the ‘Forgot Password’ link
    4. Now, you will be asked to click the ‘Get reset link’ option
    5. Once you click on it, a reset link is sent to your mailbox
    6. Go to the mailbox and click on the verification link to confirm
    7. Now, you need to set a new password for your Blockchain account
    8. When asked, repeat the password and then click the ‘Save’ button



    To sum up, Blockchain exchange allows its user to set up an account for free to start trading. You can also buy Bitcoin from Blockchain by setting up your profile. You can also create a Blockchain Wallet account from the same page by choosing the wallet option. For your help, we have mentioned the quick steps to set up and access a Blockchain Login account above on this page. Make sure to use an updated browser or Blockchain mobile app to avoid any type of issue.